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The TruLife & Times of Nomad

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Through GOD All things are possible. #TruLife
A lot of folks say hip hop is dead or dying...not while I still have breath in my body it won’t ever die.

Nomad has been featured on several mixtapes several mixtapes across the U.S. and abroad. Click Image below

Nomad - Tru Life - DJ Chuck T

Nomad - Tru Life - DJ Chuck T - Free Mixtape Download And Stream


Nomad x Dave Knocks

After we finalized and finished all recordings for TruLife

Keep Pushin is the most personal record on my entire project... I’ve never really talked to anyone about my father passing away so young.. I literally broke down in the middle of recording this but had to Keep Pushin to get it done. #TruLife
Nomad performing at Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge - Annapolis, Md

Nomad performing at Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge - Annapolis, Md

My Uncle Sin and Big Keith introduced me to the game (hustling), I watched and observed... I wanted to get money, girls, and be fresh like them.. they stayed in some fly shyt nahmean?! *laughs*... They some real hustlers.. Go getters.. Real niggas.